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Soyinka calls for decentralisation of govt to maximise development



Start organising yourselves ahead 2023 elections, Soyinka urges Nigerian youth

Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka has again called for the decentralisation of the governance structure in the country, saying such will help in the maximisation of development.

Soyinka spoke on Thursday while delivering a public lecture in celebration of the 50th anniversary of PUNCH Nigeria Limited. “When the world restructuring is brooded around, we often hear the challenge. What do you mean by restructuring? Well, I don’t even like the word  restructuring I use. I prefer the expressions like reconfiguration, decentralisation,” he said.

He added: “Everybody can grasp that decentralisation and those who lead us. They recognise the necessity of it. They recognise the importance, almost the inevitability of it until they get into power. Yes, that’s the difference until they get in power. Deconstruction, reconfiguration, decentralisation. All this is necessary in order to maximise development.”

Since the removal of fuel subsidy which triggered a hike in the cost of living, governments have rolled out several measures including palliatives. But Soyinka has faulted the move, describing it as “temporary”.

“We speak about food, and hunger because it is real. But palliatives are temporary, stop-gap policies. They do not reach the heart of the problem, which is one of decentralised development as massively as possible,” the celebrated writer said.

“Palliatives remain crude, short-term, stop-gap measures only. As a veteran of food security working conferences from Uganda to India, from Paris to Sochi, I insist that, for a nation to be food self-sufficient, and sustainably, decentralization is the key, not collectivisation,” he said.



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