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GSK exit: Industrial exodus strikes Nigeria amid pleas for survival



Dr. Samuel Nzekwe, a former president of the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN), raises the alarm, beckoning the federal government to the brink of a crisis.

The battlefield is the industrial landscape, and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

In a gut-wrenching plea that reverberates with urgency, Nzekwe speaks out from the heart of Ota, Ogun. The backdrop is bleak: GlaxoSmithKline, a titan that stood on Nigerian soil for half a century, is poised to exit the stage. The question blares like a warning bell: why are companies fleeing?

Nzekwe cuts to the core of the issue, laying bare the haunting truth. The lack of infrastructure has become a poison that drives industries to their knees. He points an accusatory finger at the federal government, challenging them to create an environment that breeds success. Adequate electricity, robust security, and a road network that doesn’t falter – these are the building blocks of industrial triumph.

But Nzekwe’s plea is more than just a cry for help; it’s a rallying cry for survival. He hammers home the criticality of this moment, emphasizing that without an enabling environment, industries wither away in the harsh landscape. As his words echo, it’s a call to arms, a call to secure the very backbone of the nation’s prosperity.

The shadows of doom cast by multiple taxation darken the horizon. Nzekwe’s voice reverberates as he beseeches the federal government to revamp the tax system, to free companies from the shackles of financial burden. It’s a plea that paints a picture of survival, where industries can breathe, thrive, and push the nation forward.

But the fight doesn’t stop there. Nzekwe’s vision pierces through the fog of uncertainty, offering a glimmer of hope. Agriculture, the nation’s untapped treasure trove, holds the key to a brighter future. He envisions a land where security envelops the fields, enabling Nigeria to rise as an agricultural powerhouse.

And yet, amidst the tumult, a call for consistency echoes. Nzekwe implores the federal government to steer clear of policy somersaults. The plea drips with wisdom, for stability is the cornerstone upon which long-term projections are built.

As Nzekwe’s voice rises and falls, it’s clear that a battle rages. The survival of industries, the heartbeat of the nation’s progress, hangs in the balance. The federal government stands at the crossroads, holding the key to prosperity. Will they heed the call, unleash a tide of transformation, and usher Nigeria into a new era of industrial strength? The nation waits with bated breath, as a plea becomes a demand for survival.

Ige Adekunle

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