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Revolutionary Tax Overhaul: FIRS to take charge of Customs revenue collection, 62 other MDAs



In a stunning revelation that could reshape Nigeria’s financial landscape, the Presidential Committee on Tax Policy and Fiscal Reforms has declared war on inefficiency and waste.

Brace yourselves for a seismic shift as the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) takes center stage in a daring move that aims to not only boost efficiency but also unravel the baffling enigma of Nigeria’s tax collection system.

With fervor in his voice, Taiwo Oyedele, the mastermind behind this audacious plan, took to live television to deliver the news that could redefine Nigeria’s financial destiny. A former Fiscal Policy Partner and Africa Tax Leader at PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Oyedele’s words reverberated with conviction. “Enough is enough,” he seemed to declare, as he announced that the Nigeria Customs Service and 62 other MDAs will relinquish their direct collection of revenue.

But what does this mean for Nigeria? The implications are profound. In a nation where revenue collection plummets compared to global standards, where the tax coffers remain hollow while the cost of collection balloons, a solution has emerged from the ashes of bureaucracy. The age-old tale of MDAs stretching their capacities thin to dabble in revenue collection is reaching its climax.

“Why this costly circus?” Oyedele seemed to demand. MDAs were never designed to be revenue collection hubs, yet they bear this weight. It’s time to break the chains that shackle these agencies, to release them from the entanglement of fiscal tasks not meant for them.

Focusing on their core functions while entrusting the revenue reins to the capable hands of the FIRS, MDAs will experience a renaissance. Efficiency will surge, distractions will dissipate, and a sharper focus on their primary tasks will reignite their contributions to the nation’s growth.

Clarity emerges from the fog as Oyedele clarifies this audacious proposal. Customs, focus on trade facilitation and border protection. NCC, your mandate is telecommunications regulation. No longer straddling the taxing tightrope, they will hand over their revenue responsibilities to the FIRS.

But why this shift? Transparency, accountability, and efficiency are the cornerstones of this revolution. The collection process will become a beacon of clarity. The people will see what is collected, ensuring that every naira contributes to the nation’s progress.

And what of the elusive tax gap? Oyedele unveils a staggering revelation—a gap of around N20 trillion. The elite, those with the means to contribute significantly, evade their fiscal responsibilities, leaving the nation’s coffers wanting. The middle class and the elite must be held accountable, the master of the tax plan seems to insist.

Prepare for an era of renewal. Old taxes that strangle businesses will fade away, replaced by a streamlined system that unlocks more revenue while unburdening the economic ecosystem. In the realm of finance, a storm is brewing, a tempest that could sweep away the shackles of inefficiency and usher in a new era of financial prosperity.

Kayode Oyero

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