DPR seals 50 filling stations in Oyo

DPR seals 14 fuel stations in Sokoto, Kebbi
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In order to check the persistent artificial scarcity of fuel in Ibadan and its environs, the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), Ibadan field office has sealed up 50 filling stations across the state for selling above the official pump price of N87.

DPR seals 50 filling stations in Oyo
Officer of DPR sealing off filling stations in Oyo

Both independent and some major marketers of the product have been making life unbearable for motorists and other people by selling the product at outrageous prices that ranges from N100 to N140 per litre as against the approved price of N87.

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To avoid being sanctioned, most filling stations hide under the cover of darkness and sell the product at odd hours between 10pm and 5am. They shut their stations during the day saying they were not supplied.

As a result of this, the DPR went round the metropolis and sanctioned the erring filling stations.